Yellow Jacket Perforating Guns is a division of G&H Diversified Manufacturing.

G&H Diversified Manufacturing, LP
11660 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, Texas 77041
Headquarters: 800-922-4223

Jimmy Kash
President/ Sales Manager

Off:  713-937-0200
Cell:  281-782-1154
Joe Wells
Technical and New Product Design Manager

Off:  713-856-1600
Cell:  281-782-1079
Yellow Jacket Sales:
Jerry Cobb
Account Manager - South TX, North TX, East TX, LA, NY

Cell: 817-559-2943

Drew Schroeder
Account Manager - ND, MT, WY

Cell: 281-782-7232

TJ Langley
Account Manager - AR, OK, KS, CO

Cell: 281-793-4979

Cody Wells
Account Manager - PA, OH, WV, NY

Cell: 713-679-8064

Patrick (PJ) Burns
Account Manager- West TX, North TX

Cell: 254-644-5958





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