074 Igniter Holders for Baker style #10 and #20 electric firing heads

Initiate for Less. 074 Without Blast Damage

Yellow Jacket ExclusiveYellow Jacket, patent pending 074 igniterholdersfor Baker style #10 and #20 electrical firing heads protect connected tools from blast damage and pressure build-up. Yellow Jacket also offers industry standard igniter holders for BP 3, BP 4 and BP 5 igniters.

Plug Shoot Firing Head074 Without the Blast Damage

  • Insulated bulkhead seal maintains pressure isolation to protect connected tools from blast damage when used with a 074 igniter
  • Protects up hole tools from blast and pressure after setting wellbore equipment

Initiate for Less

  • Yellow Jacket 074 igniter holders allow users to fire 074 igniters in Baker style electric firing heads
  • Reduce cost by initiating with less expensive 074 igniters instead of BP 3, BP 4, or BP 5 igniters
  • No need to purchase 074 firing heads when switching from BP igniters to 074 igniters

Standard BP Igniter Holders

  • Yellow Jacket also offers BP 3, BP 4 and BP 5 igniter holders

Plug Shoot Firing HeadCompatibility

  • Yellow Jacket 074 and BP 3, BP 4, and BP 5 igniter holders arecompatible with industry standard Baker style #10 and #20 firing heads and with the Yellow Jacket Exclusive Plug Shoot Firing Head

Download lgniter Holder Brochure: Click Here

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