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About Yellow Jacket Oil Tools

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Yellow Jacket Oil Tools produces innovative, high-quality wireline / e-line tools designed to increase productivity, safety, and tool durability. 

Specialized in manufacturing tools used for pump down applications, a common form of oil well perforation in many US shale plays, Yellow Jacket is the currently the largest manufacturer of short perforating guns.  Yellow Jacket is also a full service distributor of oil well perforating systems, through partnerships with Delphian Ballistics, Guardian and Amber International.

Although a relatively new brand, founded in 2011, Yellow Jacket is projecting to have produced nearly one million guns by the first half of 2016. Yellow Jacket's growth is a testament to our commitment to provide quality, innovative products and rapid delivery at competitive prices.

Making Good Oil Tools Better

Yellow Jacket takes industry proven tools and makes them better through improved design and by selecting the optimal materials to enhance performance and tool durability.

New Wireline Tools | Designed to work harder for you

YJ ExclusiveIn addition to producing high quality, industry standard tools, Yellow Jacket also develops breakthrough, new tooling designed specifically for wireline operations.   The Yellow Jacket Exclusive icon indicates tools developed by and available only with Yellow Jacket. Yellow Jacket Exclusive Equipment


Where is Yellow Jacket?

Although headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, Yellow Jacket products are prevalently used throughout the USA.  For rapid distribution, Yellow Jacket warehouses are strategically located in close proximity to major U.S. shale plays.  Where Yellow Jacket is located

Yellow Jacket History

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools was established in 2012 as a division of G&H Diversified Manufacturing, LP. Although the Yellow Jacket brand is relatively new to the marketplace, G&H Diversified has operated as a leading contract manufacturer for the energy and other industries for over fifty years.

G&H Diversified Manufacturing logoFor nearly thirty years, G&H Diversified has produced components specifically for wireline applications, the market that Yellow Jacket Oil Tools serves. G&H Diversified also pioneered fabrication technologies for wireline tools, including being among the first to laser cut perforating gun charge loading tubes.  

G&H Diversified Manufacturing continues to provide precision machined and fabricated components for an array of oil and gas and other applications.  Dedicated to delivering stringently high quality, G&H Quality Control processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Visit G&H website

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