Power Fit Cardboard Charge Loading Tubes for Slick Perforating Guns

A more convenient, safe, and effective premium cardboard charge loading tube from Yellow Jacket Oil Tools

Slick Perforating Gun with Cardboard Charge Loading Tube

Cardboard perforating gun loading tubes are preferred in some regions for pump down completions, when expendable hollow carrier style, slick perforating guns are used.

Cardboard charge loading tubes are a more economical option compared to metal charge loading tubes. Cardboard loading tubes also typically cost less and are considered by many to be easier to use than twisted strips.

PowerFit Premium Cardboard Charge Loading Tubes from Yellow JacketCardboard Charge Loading TubesA better cardboard charge loading tube by Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket offers a premium cardboard charge loading tube that offers significant operational advantages as detailed below.

Pre-sized and delivered ready to go for faster loading of shaped charges

Load shaped charges more quickly and easily and eliminate the need to store and cut cardboard charge tubes on site with PowerFit premium cardboard charge loading tubes by Yellow Jacket.

Eliminates need to store and cut cardboard on-site

PowerFit cardboard charge tubes are pre-sized to fit the desired perforating gun length and are delivered housed inside the gun carrier. This eliminates the need to manually cut to length and to store cardboard tubing on site.

More Secure Detonation Cord Fit

The strong, but thin profile cardboard tube wall allows the detonation cord to more easily and securely snap into the charge clip.

Supports a safer work environment

Pre-sized cardboard charge tubes not only save time, safety is also increased as personnel no longer must handle a hack-saw or other tool to cut the cardboard manually.

Yellow Jacket premium cardboard charge loading tubes, compared to traditional cardboard charge tubes, also increase safety by reducing the interior pressure level of the perforating guns after firing.

Upon firing, well bore pressure enters the gun and the cardboard charge loading tube can break down into a mass of fibers. These fibers trap well pressure inside the gun, requiring the pressure to be bled off prior to disassembly in order to reduce the risk of injury to personnel.

Because Yellow Jacket premium cardboard charge loading tubes are constructed of a high grade, more dense material, they do not break down as easily into small fibrous debris. This results in less pressure being trapped inside the perforating gun by fibers blocking the holes. Less trapped pressure, results in reduced risk of injury to staff upon disassembly of the perforating gun string.


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