Casing Collar Locator

More Durable. Better Function. Better Grip.

Yellow Jacket ExclusiveThe patent pending Yellow Jacket passive Casing Collar Locator (CCL) for e-line/ wireline is an upgraded version of the industry standard CCL design.

Wireline Junk BasketDesign enhancements such as a double wound coil, pressure bulkheads and stronger, permanent magnets provide a better functioning, longer lasting tool.

Cleaner Signal

  • Increased wound length and dual coil winding increase signal strength and clarity while providing system redundancy
  • Stronger, permanent magnets enable higher feedback levels

Reduced Risk of Flooding

  • Pressure bulkheads on both ends prevent CCL flooding due to seal failure above or below the CCL

Longer Lasting

  • Tungsten carbide inserts protect the housing and subs by reducing contact with well casing
  • Double wound coil provides a back-up system: if one strand breaks, you still get a signal
  • Permanent magnets never require recharging

Faster and Safer Tool String Assembly and Disassembly with Fluted Gripping Surface 

  • Faster: Fluted gripping surface increases pipe wrench grip and torque for faster tool string assembly and disassembly
  • Safer: pipe wrenches are less likely to slip and injure the user

Fluted Wrench Surface Benefits

Compatible with Industry Standards

  • Industry standard CCL threads
  • High nickel alloy housing is non-magnetic and is suitable for harsh environments (CO2, H2S)
  • Housing material meets API 5CT and NACE NR0175 standards

Download Casing Collar Locator Brochure: Click Here

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