Yellow Jacket Perforating Gun Thread Protector Recycling Program

Good for you and the environment, Yellow Jacket Oil Tools thread protector recycling program

The EPA reports that “only 9 percent of the total plastic waste generated in 2012 was recovered for recycling,” meaning that over 29 million tons of plastic ended up in landfills.* By recycling Yellow Jacket perforating gun thread protector end caps you can help reduce the amount of plastic waste added to landfills.

Recycle bags filled with used thread protectors, recycled by Yellow Jacket Oil ToolsApproximately 110,000 perforating guns are built for the USA market each month. That represents, 220,000 plastic thread protectors each month.

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools is currently the only perforating gun manufacturer recycling thread protector end caps.

Get Paid to Recycle with Yellow Jacket | How the program works

Operations participating in the Yellow Jacket recycling program are provided recycling bags for storage of discarded Yellow Jacket thread protectors. Upon request, Yellow Jacket returns to buy back recycled thread protectors and to retrieve filled recycling bags. Only Yellow Jacket thread protectors are eligible for buy back. Non Yellow Jacket thread protectors are not eligible.

Do Your Part | How to Participate

Contact the Yellow Jacket account manager for your region for more information and to participate in the thread protector recycling program.

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Yellow Jacket Commitment to Protect the Environment and Community

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools aims to have a positive effect on the environment and the communities in which we operate. We strive to preserve our environment by using resources responsibly and by reducing and eliminating waste from our operations wherever feasible. When waste is generated, we handle it safely and responsibly.

*"Plastics." Wastes - Resource Conservation - Common Wastes & Materials. United States Environmental Protection Agency, 28 Feb. 2014. Web. 20 June 2014. <>.

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