Health, Safety, & Environment

At Yellow Jacket Oil Tools, safety is a top priority. Our processes, facilities, standards, training and work culture are designed to promote:

  • A safe work environment for our employees
  • Safe products for our customers
  • Safe facility management for the communities we operate in
  • Environmental protection through responsible resource and waste management

Safer Products for our Customers

Product design features that contribute to a safer working environment for users of Yellow Jacket products include gripping surfaces on most Yellow Jacket wireline equipment and electroplating on Yellow Jacket scalloped perforating guns.

With gripping, pipe wrenches are less likely to slip and injure the user during assembly / disassembly of the tool line. Heavy-duty, fluted style gripping is not typically available on industry standard wireline tools, but it is offered as standard on most Yellow Jacket products.

Safety Enhancing Features offered by Yellow Jacket:

  • Knurled gripping on perforating guns, including slick guns
  • Fluted gripping on most wireline products and accessories
  • Electroplating dulls sharp edges on metal charge loading tubes for scalloped perforating guns, enhancing safety

A Safe Workplace for our Employees

People are our most important asset, and workplace safety and health is key to safeguarding employee well being. Our goal is zero on the job injuries and illness, and employee training and organizational efforts focus on proactively preventing occupational injury and illnesses.

A sense of responsibility to maintain a safe work environment for ourselves and each other is instilled at every level of the organization, and maintaining a safe work place is a condition of employment.

Good for you and the environment, Yellow Jacket Oil Tools offers a thread protector recycling program

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools is currently the only perforating gun manufacturer with a program to recycle thread protector end caps.


Protection of the Environment & Community

Yellow Jacket aims to have a positive effect on the environment and the communities in which we operate. We strive to preserve our environment by using resources responsibly and by reducing and eliminating waste from our operations wherever feasible. When there is waste generated, we handle it safely and responsibly.

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