Wireline Junk Basket / Junk Catcher

More Durable. Better Function. Better Grip.

Wireline junk baskets, also called junk catchers, capture and remove debris from the well bore.

Wireline Junk BasketYellow Jacket junk baskets are an upgraded version of industry standard design. Corrosion resistant material and design features increase durability and function. Fluted wrench surfaces on both the junk basket and gage ring improve pipe wrench grip and torque for increased productivity and safety.

More Efficient Design 

  • Non-linear fluid vents trap more debris while increasing fluid flow

More Durable

  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel basket screen
  • Shorter, thicker rod decreases the risk of bending
  • Top sub permanently TIG welded to rod for a more dependable connection
  • Fluted gripping indicates ideal pipe wrench placement to avoid damaging the junk basket during tool string assembly and disassembly

Faster and Safer Tool String Assembly and Disassembly with Fluted Gripping Surface 

  • Faster: Fluted gripping surface increases pipe wrench grip and torque for faster tool string assembly and disassembly
  • Safer: pipe wrenches are less likely to slip and injure the user

Fluted Wrench Surface Benefits

Configurations & Compatibility

  • Choice of top sub style, TIG welded prior to shipment
  • Available junk basket sizes: #5, #10, #15, #20, #25
  • Yellow Jacket junk baskets are compatible with industry standard gauge rings (sold separately)
  • Yellow Jacket gauge rings are compatible with industry standard junk baskets

Junk Basket Gauge RingGauge Rings with Fluted Gripping

Yellow Jacket gauge rings also offer a fluted gripping surface that helps pipe wrenches grip and torque for faster assembly and disassembly.


Download Junk Basket and Gauge Ring Brochure: Click Here

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