Perforating Gun Systems

Maximize productivity, user safety, and configuration options with Yellow Jacket Perforating Gun Systems

Perforating gun systems contain and convey shaped charges into a well bore for perforation. Yellow Jacket perforating gun systems for wireline and TCP applications are designed to increase productivity, safety and configuration options.

Yellow Jacket is currently the largest manufacturer of perforating guns for the USA market and the largest consumer of Tenaris gun steel.

<Yellow Jacket electroplated perforating guns offer increased safety and conductivity.>Yellow Jacket perforating gun features that increase productivity and safety | Click icons for details

Scalloped Perforating Guns
scalloped perf guns
Slick Perforating Guns
slick perforating guns
Retrievable Tubing Guns (RTG)
retrievable tubing guns
Charge Loading Tube End Caps
Loading Tube End Plates
Cardboard Charge Loading Tubes
cardboard charge tubes
Thread Protector Recycling Program
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Benefits of Yellow Jacket Perforating Guns
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More Productive | Safer | Compatibility | Quality Material
Charge Loading Tube End Plates | Why a Clean Gun is Better

More Productive

Knurled gripping surfaces, a patented feature of Yellow Jacket perforating guns, increase pipe wrench grip and torque for faster tool string assembly and disassembly.

More Productive with Yellow Jacket PowerGrip


With knurled gripping, pipe wrenches are less likely to slip and injure users. The probability of cuts to hands or to detonation cords is also decreased due to electroplating and superior construction.

Safer with PowerGrip

Flexible Options | Compatibility and Sizes

Yellow Jacket perforating gun systems offer the flexibility to select the best configuration and size for each application. Yellow Jacket perforating guns are compatible with the full range of industry standard charges, load densities, explosive weights, and charge configurations.

Perforating gun sizes available include lengths from 1'- 26' (feet) and the following diameters (inches): 1 9/16", 2 3/4", 3 1/8", 3 3/8", and 4".

Flexible Options | Perf Gun Charge Loading Tube End Plates

Yellow Jacket offers multiple end plate, or end cap, options to configure metal charge loading tubes for wireline and TCP or plain-hole perforation.

Charge Loading Tube End Cap Configurations

Cleaner | Why a Clean Gun is Better

Yellow Jacket perforating guns are the cleanest on the market. Discover the many operational benefits of clean perforating guns.

Why a clean perforating gun is better

Quality Material | Superior Performance Steel

Yellow Jacket perforating gun systems are built with quality material to better withstand extreme well bore conditions.

Quality Material: Hot-finished, seamless alloy steel, a superior performance Tenaris tubular product is used to construct Yellow Jacket perforating gun systems.

Yellow Jacket is the largest consumer of Tenaris gun steel worldwide. Proprietary melting, fabricating, and heat treating processes produce a very clean, fine grain alloy steel designed to withstand high impact and to maintain structural integrity under dry, wet, high temperature, and high pressure well completion conditions.

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