Plug Shoot Firing Head (PSFH)

One tool replaces up to five to plug and perf in the same run with this Yellow Jacket exclusive tool

Scenario: configure a wireline tool string to plug and perforate in the same run.

Traditional Tool String Configuration: Typically, 3-5 components connect the setting tool to the perforating gun string, including the following: a switch sub, blast sleeve, plug shoot adaptor (PSA), quick change assembly, and a standard firing head.

Plug Shoot Firing HeadBetter Solution by Yellow Jacket: One (1) tool, the patent pending Plug Shoot Firing Head (PSFH), replaces up to five tools to plug and perf in the same run. The PSFH connects the setting tool directly to the perforating gun string, and is suitable for horizontal and vertical well perforation.

Why Yellow Jacket is Better

  • Up to 5 fewer components to purchase, assemble, and rebuild each run
  • Reduced risk of misruns with up to 15 fewer electrical connections and 12 fewer o-rings to potentially fail
  • Shorter assembly is better suited for tight radius well geometry
  • Self-contained system for ease of use
  • Faster and safer tool string assembly and disassembly with fluted wrench surface that enhances pipe wrench grip and torque
  • Corrosion resistant electroplating
  • Premium, heat treated 4340 steel improves durability

Download Plug Shoot Firing Head Brochure: Click Here


Yellow Jacket PowerGrip icon indicates increased productivity and safety with gripping surfaces Yellow Jacket PowerLast icon indicates more durable materialsYellow Jacket PowerPlate resists corrosionPSFH features that increase productivity, safety & durability| Click icons for details



Direct Connect SubInitiate for Less with Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket 074 Igniter Holders allow users to fire 074 igniters in the Yellow Jacket PSFH and in Baker style electric firing heads without blast damage to connected, up hole tools.



Direct Connect Sub

Optimized for tight radius well geometry with a more compact tool string

Reduce the tool string length by nearly four feet by using the PSFH with the Direct Connect Sub exclusively from Yellow Jacket.



Port Configurations

To better protect port threads from blast impact, the Yellow Jacket port plug features two pressure seals and a longer body.

The extra seal on the Yellow Jacket port plug also helps to prevent damage to threads from over tightening. See table below for all port configurations offered by Yellow Jacket.

Port and Port Plugs

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