Power Last

Longer Lasting Tools with Quality Material and Design

Rust Resistance with PowerPlate by Yellow JacketIn designing and selecting materials for Yellow Jacket wireline hardware, durability is a key priority. This results in tools that last longer and require less frequent replacement.

The PowerLast icon indicates tools that offer heavy-duty materials or design features that improve tool survivability. Following are quick examples how Yellow Jacket material selection and design produces longer lasting tools.

More Durable with Superior Material

Example: Yellow Jacket offers the only heavy duty junk basket with a stainless steel screen that better withstands corrosion, and Yellow Jacket dump bailers feature heavy-wall tube sections that increase survivability.

Designed to Last

Examples: Adding replaceable hardened wear bands to weight bars reduces the flattening effects of wall contact in horizontal wells. Increasing the diameter of junk basket rods reduces bending damage.

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