Power Plate

Why Clean Tools are Better Tools

Yellow Jacket PowerPlat resists corrosionYellow Jacket electroplated wireline tools and perforating guns are the cleanest on the market. An intensive, multi-bath cleaning strips contaminants to reveal brilliant, bare steel, which is then zinc electroplated.

Electroplating gives Yellow Jacket tools a clean, golden appearance, but beyond aesthetics, electroplating offers significant operational advantages.

Enhanced Conductivity and Rust Resistant

Scenario: In working with addressable switches, grounding is crucial. Contaminants such as rust, machining chips, and residual coolant can reduce grounding.

Example of electroplated subYellow Jacket Solution and Benefits: Electroplating enhances conductivity by removing contaminants which can incrementally reduce grounding.

Electroplated tools are highly corrosion resistant and can even be stored outdoors without rusting. This extends tool shelf life, and electroplated tools stored for extended periods require less cleaning and preparation prior to use.

Rust free tools are also cleaner to handle, which benefits gun loaders and others in direct contact with the equipment.

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools PowerGrip feature increases productivity, safety and durabilityPowerPlate on Perforating Guns

Electroplating perforating gun assemblies, a patented Yellow Jacket feature, provides a clean, golden appearance and offers significant operational advantages as described below.

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