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Rust Resistance with PowerPlate by Yellow JacketWhy a Clean Perforating Gun is Better

Yellow Jacket perforating guns are the cleanest on the market. An intensive, multi-bath cleaning strips contaminants to reveal brilliant, bare gun steel, which is then electroplated Yellow Jacket Oil Tools PowerGrip feature increases productivity, safety and durabilitywith zinc.

Electroplating perforating gun assemblies, a patented Yellow Jacket feature, provides a clean, golden appearance and offers significant operational advantages as described below.

Increases Safety and Reduces Risk

Scenario: the sharp edges, laser debris and jagged metal burrs commonly present on perforating gun metal charge loading tubes can inadvertently cut the detonation cord or operator hands. This is a safety hazard and can result in lost time and even misruns if the detonation cord is damaged.

Yellow Jacket Perforating Gun AssemblyYellow Jacket Solution: Yellow Jacket precision fabrication produces charge tubes with minimal to no metal burrs. Electroplating also dulls edges, increasing safety and reducing the risk of misruns due to detonation cord damage.

Enhanced Conductivity and Rust Resistance with Electroplating

Scenario: In working with addressable switches, grounding is crucial. Contaminants on perforating gun assemblies such as rust, machining chips, and coolant can reduce grounding.

Yellow Jacket Solution: Electroplating enhances conductivity by eliminating contaminants. Zinc electroplating also resists corrosion to maintain a clean, and more conductive surface during shipment and storage of the perforating gun prior to use. Highly rust resistant, electroplated perforating guns can even be stored outdoors without rusting.

Rust free perforating guns are also cleaner to handle, which is a user friendly feature for gun loaders and those in direct contact with the equipment.

Configurations / Availability

Electroplating is offered on scalloped perforating guns and RTG style perforating guns up to 8 feet in length. Without electroplating, perforating gun lengths up to 30 feet are available. Electroplating is also available on other Yellow Jacket wireline tools.

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