Retrievable Tubing Gun (RTG)

A clean and rust resistant RTG for longer shelf life and optimal conductivity from Yellow Jacket Oil Tools

Retrievable Tubing Gun - RTGRetrievable tubing guns (RTG) for oil well perforation are small diameter expendable carriers designed for use in tubing.

When perforating with retrievable tubing guns, maximum gun swell tolerances are especially important for ease of retrieval and successful operations.

Yellow Jacket offers scalloped retrievable tubing guns that are electroplated to resist corrosion and enhance conductivity.

Rust Resistance with PowerPlate by Yellow JacketWhy a clean retrievable tubing gun is better

Yellow Jacket retrievable tubing guns are the cleanest on the market. An intensive, multi-bath cleaning strips contaminants to reveal brilliant, bare steel, which is then electroplated with zinc.

This process produces a clean, golden appearance and offers significant operational advantages.

Rust resistant and more conductive RTG with electroplating

Electroplating enhances conductivity by eliminating contaminants, such as rust, machining chips, and coolant, that can incrementally reduce grounding.

Zinc electroplating also resists corrosion to maintain a clean, more conductive surface during shipment and storage of the retrievable tubing guns prior to use. Highly rust resistant, electroplated RTG can even conveniently be stored outdoors without rusting.

Rust free retrievable tubing guns are cleaner to handle, which is user friendly bonus for gun loaders and those in direct contact with the equipment.

Retrievable Tubing Gun Configurations

  • Bolted
  • Threaded
  • 2 1/2" top / 1 3/8" small / bottom end


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