Unscalloped / Slick Perforating Gun

Slick & Unscalloped Perforating Gun | Yellow JacketA slick perforating gun that increases productivity and safety

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools offers expendable, slick perforating guns, also referred to as economy or unscalloped perforating guns, which increase productivity and safety.

Direct Connect Sub, Yellow Jacket Exclusive Wireline Tool

Faster & Safer Tool String Assembly/ Disassembly with Gripping

Pipe wrench grip and torque are enhanced by knurled gripping surfaces on each end of the slick perforating gun carrier body.

With knurled gripping, the perforating gun string assembles and disassembles more easily, and pipe wrenches are less likely to slip and injure users.

Knurled gripping is a patented feature of Yellow Jacket slick and scalloped perforating guns.

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cardboard charge tubes
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Charge Loading Tubes, End Caps & More

Yellow Jacket slick perforating guns can be configured for wireline or TCP style perforation. See the above table for information regarding end cap configurations for metal charge loading tubes.

If you prefer cardboard charge loading tubes, Yellow Jacket PowerFit premium charge tubes further increase efficiency and convenience.

Yellow Jacket Oil Tool is currently the only perforating gun manufacturer to recycle thread protectors.

Compatibility and Sizes

Yellow Jacket slick perforating guns offer the flexibility to select the best charge configuration and perforating gun size for each application. Yellow Jacket perforating guns are compatible with a range of industry standard charges and are available in lengths from 1'- 26' (feet) and the following diameters (inches): 1 9/16", 2 3/4", 3 1/8", 3 3/8", and 4".

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