Setting Tool Bleeder Wrench for Wireline

Customizable to best meet the needs of your operation

Wireline Bleeder WrenchBleeder wrenches, also called bleed off wrenches, are oilfield hand tools designed to release pressure.

Yellow Jacket wireline bleeder wrenches offer the convenience of selecting from among four tip options to customize the tool per your operational needs.

Tip options offered include coarse or fine thread piercing tools, and four or two pronged tips as pictured below.

Bleeder Wrench Replaceable, Four Pronged Tip
Four pronged tip
Bleeder Wrench Replaceable, Two Pronged Tip
Two Pronged tip
Bleeder Wrench Fine Thread Piercing Tool
fine thread piercing tool
Bleeder Wrench Coarse Thread Piercing Tool
coarse thread piercing tool
Compatible with Titan, Alpha and Diamondback Industries Tools Compatible with
Baker Tools
Compatible with
Baker Tools
Compatible with Titan, Alpha and Diamondback Industries Tools

Want a bleeder disc retainer nut with that bleeder wrench? Bleeder Disc Retainer Nut | Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools offers a variety of consumable products for wireline and oilfield applications, including bleeder disc retainer nuts.

See the hand tools section of the tooling product list below for product information.

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