Wireline Equipment by Yellow Jacket

Innovative, new wireline products and features from Yellow Jacket increase productivity, safety, and tool durability

Yellow Jacket exclusive wireline equipment and tool features are purposefully designed to provide value to wireline operations.

Evaluating how design or material could improve productivity, ease of use, or extend tool life, has driven the creation of innovative wireline tooling available exclusively from Yellow Jacket. See tables below for information regarding Yellow Jacket proprietary tools and beneficial design features.

Plug Shoot Firing Head
plug shoot firing head
Wireline Direct Connect Subs
direct connect subs
Casing Collar Locator
Casing collar locators
074 Igniter Holders
electric cable heads
074 Igniter Holders
074 igniter holders

Yellow Jacket Design Features that Work Harder for You

more productive & safe
increased durability

corrosion resistant


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