Wireline Gauge Rings for Junk Baskets

Increased productivity, safety and junk basket durability with Yellow Jacket fluted gripping surface

Gauge rings are vital to the effective function of junk baskets / junk catchers. The fluted gripping surface on Yellow Jacket gauge rings increases productivity, safety, and the survivability of the junk basket.

Gauge RingMore Productive:

Increased productivity and safety with PowerGrip by Yellow JacketFluted gripping surface increases pipe wrench grip and torque for faster tool string assembly and disassembly.


With fluted gripping, wrenches are less likely to slip and injure users.

Yellow Jacket Junk Baskets

Yellow Jacket junk baskets are upgraded versions of the industry standard junk basket design with corrosion resistant material and design features that increase durability and function.


Download Tooling BrochureSee tooling product list for available sizes and styles.

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