Wireline Hardware & Accesories

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools produces innovative wireline hardware that increases productivity, safety, and tool durability.

Increased productivity and safety with PowerGrip by Yellow JacketLonger lasting oil tools with PowerLast by Yellow JacketRust Resistance with PowerPlate by Yellow JacketLook for these icons for tool features that increase productivity, safety and tool durability| Click icons for details


New Wireline Accessories by Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket takes industry proven wireline hardware and makes it better through improved design and quality material selection. Yellow Jacket also develops innovative, new tools.

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electrical cable heads
Wireline Weight Bars
weight bars
Casing Collar Locator
casing collar locators
Scalloped Perforating Guns
perforating guns
Wireline Subs
Setting Tools for Wireline
setting tools
Junk Baskets
junk baskets
Gauge Rings
gauge rings
Dump Bailers
dump bailers
Oilfield Hand Tools
hand tools
Wireline Consumable Products
Plug Shoot Firing Head
yellow jacket exclusive


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