Wireline Subs

Industry proven wireline sub assemblies made more productive, safe, and durable with Yellow Jacket features

Yellow Jacket offers a variety of wireline sub styles, sizes and port configurations constructed of premium, heat treated 4340 steel.

Download Sub Connectors Brochure: Click Here

Increased productivity and safety with PowerGrip by Yellow JacketLonger lasting oil tools with PowerLast by Yellow JacketRust Resistance with PowerPlate by Yellow JacketYellow Jacket sub features that increase productivity, safety & durability | Click icons for details

Wireline Top Subs
top subs
Wireline Switch Subs
switch subs
Wireline Tandem Subs
Wireline Orienting Subs
orienting subs
Wireline Blast Sleeves
Blast sleeves
Wireline Bottom Subs
Bottom subs

YJ Exclusive Products
Plug Shoot Firing Head
plug shoot firing head
Direct Connect Sub
direct connect sub

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