Wireline Weight Bars / Sinker Bars

Over the Line and Over the Cable Head style weight bars

Wireline weight bars, also called sinker bars, add weight to the tool string to overcome well bore pressure.

Wireline Weight BarsYellow Jacket weight bars feature ports that allow well bore fluid to flow through the weight bar to help reduce sand build up around the cable. Fluted wrench surfaces also improve grip, creating a safer and more productive tool.

Types of Weight Bars / Sinker Bars Offered

  • Over the line weight bars
  • Over the cable head weight bars
  • Fishing neck available for both styles

Easier Cable Removal with Ported Design

  • Ports on both ends increase the flow of well bore fluid inside the weight bar to reduce sand accumulation.
  • Reduced sand build-up facilitates cable removal.

Better Grip | Faster and Safer Tool String Assembly and Disassembly with Fluted Gripping Surface 

  • Faster: fluted gripping surface increases pipe wrench grip and torque for faster tool string assembly and disassembly.
  • Safer: with gripping, pipe wrenches are less likely to slip and injure the user.

Download Weight Bar brochure, including part numbers click here.

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